The body has an amazing capacity to heal.  So when there is a peristant pain or stiffness, something is blocking and preventing the body to repair itself.  Diet, inappropriate or lack of excercise and posture may be one of the cause or causes of your bodies inability to be at ease. Addressing these key blocks enables you to function free from pain and the recurrence of stiffness. 

Back & Neck Pain Trapped nerves Neck Pain Shoulder Complaints
Sciatica Headaches Work  Office Strain Leg & Arm pain and stiffness
Low Back Pain Back Stiffness  Sciatica Slipped Disc
Trapped Nerve Lumbago  Back Ache Work Strain
Arthritic Pains Migraine Sinusitus  Pelvic Pain
Knee Pain Joint Pain Elbow Pain RSI
 Repetitive Strain Injury Hip Pain Hip Stiffness Shoulder Stiffness
 Frozen Shoulder Painful Arc Syndrome Foot Pain Ankle Pain
Sprained Ankle  Ankle Strain Wrist Pain Carpal Tunnel
IBS Constipation Jaw Pain Recurrent Colds
Respiratory Infections Osteoarthritis Wear & Tear