Your first consultation

Your practitioner begins by taking a detailed case history, not only of your current symptoms or problem but also of your past history and medical record. This information helps him/her to understand why your current symptoms or problems have developed.
Length of Appointment: 1hr follow up 30 minutes.

What to wear?

On your first consultation you may be asked to dress down to your underwear so that the appropriate examination may be conducted. Afterwhich loose clothing t-shirt, shorts and tracksuit bottoms can be worn. If you have any concerns regarding what to wear please discuss this with your osteopath.

How many treatments?

Each patient is different and there is no guideline to the number of treatments required. This will vary depending on the cause of the complaint, and will be discussed with you at the first consultation. We will do regular reviews to keep you informed of the progression of the treatments.

What to Expect?

Post treatment reactions.

You may experience some post treatment reactions, further soreness, digestive complaints, temperatures. These are quite normal and may be part of the body adjusting and processing the physiological changes that treatment has started. Though uncomfortable are part of the natural healing process. If you have any concerns please contact me immediately.


Treating Minors.

All children and babies will need to accompanied by a parent or guardian during the treatment session. As per ‘’ guidelines..

Treating Babies

Generally it’s better for the mother to be present on the first consultation. It can be helpful to have a friend grand parent helping on the day too. The treatment is very gentle the forces used are no more than moving tissue paper. As babies are so young and small they only need very gentle application of techniques.